Luscious Treats began with a traditional family toffee recipe passed down through the years.  Gaylene Lombardo a business owner and busy mother of three began experimenting with the classic family recipe creating a unique and delicious toffee that family, friends, and co-workers couldn’t get enough of!        

In 2000, with the help of her three daughters Kimberly, Julie, and Samantha, Gaylene took her booming toffee business to the next level to meet the high demands for her delicious toffee and acquired a commercial kitchen. With a creative passion for baking and entertaining they began experimenting and creating new recipes expanding the Luscious Treats line to include not only their delicious toffee but a variety of other hand crafted sweets.  With the expanded line of products Luscious Treats has a wonderful variety of candy and sweets for any occasion.